National Marketing Manager,

“… having been with the same company for over 8 years, Cross Check helped me to navigate the daunting recruitment process and guided me through to securing a great new position”

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“…you guys were brilliant! Thanks again, the Managers are still buzzing from the workshop.”

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HR Manager,

“… it has created a clear playing field for all our Managers, so we are getting it right, the first time”

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Managing Director,

“… one thing you can always guarantee when working with Cross Check, they will deliver the results”

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General Manager,

“… they take the time to understand how to deliver the best results”

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Marketing Director,

“… it assists in determining how to best communicate and work effectively with different team members”

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Regional Manager,

“…for us, it’s about creating clear expectations with a Manager, aligning the job description to a DISC style and then using that knowledge to hire the right person, for the right role.”

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