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Assessment Hub

Assessments for Hiring & Selection, Learning & Development and Coaching

The 5 Disciplines Assessment

Get the performance data you’ve been missing to quickly increase effectiveness and add zeros to your business. A multi-functional assessment that can be applied company-wide, by state, by team or location to zoom in and show what's working and what needs to change in your business regarding your team's focus and discipline. If you are looking to achieve breakthrough growth, you can start that process here.


Using HireSense saves money and time. Selecting the ideal candidate is more efficient, less time-consuming, and without bias. Dive deeper with HireSense BEFORE the interview process begins, get the details hiding below the surface, and make more informed hiring decisions.

Workshops & Training

Tailored workshops to meet your specific workplace needs and objectives. Focussed on increasing effectiveness by helping people to better understand their strengths, development areas, communication preferences, the impact they have on day to day relationships, tasks and business outcomes.