Assessment Portal

Whether you’re new to the world of training, learning & development, hiring assessments,
or you’re seeking a better online dashboard with a broader range of insightful tools,
Cross Check has the solution for all of these areas


Workplace Performance and Team Development

Assessments are a way to tap into insights of employees or candidates and Cross Check offers a unique and effective system for this.

Over 25 workplace diagnostic tools at your fingertips that you can apply to Individual Development, Team Development, Leadership Development, Behaviour Change, Conflict Dynamics, Performance, Recruitment / Talent and much more.

Access to your own assessment portal is free to set up, no hidden lock-in contracts, no upfront credit purchases – we offer a pay as you go system and pricing reduces with cumulative purchases.

The assessment reports are both predictive and prescriptive, assisting individuals and teams with their learning and growth. It improves communication skills, self-awareness, accountability, cooperation, competence, tolerance, engagement, and performance. It aids in bringing forth people’s best abilities. It offers a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools to help you match your people’s efforts, culture, and values.

Let’s work together to improve interactions between people and create better outcomes and move towards a progressive future.

Interested in taking your assessment knowledge and practices to a new level? Accreditation, Certification and Refresher programs are available.

Peace of Mind – Providing Assessment Reliability & Validity

A recent review revealed a significant majority of assessments available today lacked the studies & reporting to confirm their accuracy. Of the small minority which claimed reporting, the significant majority of those were conducted privately; oftentimes by the assessment provider itself, rather than an objective and scientifically qualified third party. Our assessments go through an objective, independently conducted battery of tests: Construct Validity, Reliability, and Disparate Impact – all by a qualified scientific authority Assessment Standards Institute. Ensuring the trust and confidence of our users by producing the industry’s most accurate and class protected assessments and pre hire assessment tools.

Before you offer

There is so much you can do with our range of assessments

  • Effective Communication Strategies in the Workplace
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Customer Service & Sales Training
  • Leadership Programs & Management Skills
  • Team Mapping & Team Building
  • Creating Productive Meetings
  • Understanding DISC Personality Types