Communication & Connection

A specialised Employee Assistance Program to navigate communication,
engagement & behavioural changes to support well-being & productivity

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If you can understand the ‘WHY’, you can predict the ‘HOW’

Communication & Connection

A specialised service designed to support businesses and their people with regular check-ins to ensure communication and connection.

Right now, people are showing up differently and this is because they may be operating from a place of change and stress – meaning their behavioural expressions may change.  So, with changes in workplace structure and fractured team dynamics, comes a range of hurdles to overcome.

Here is what’s showing up

  • Employee behavioural changes
  • Disengagement & Procrastination
  • Communication not flowing
  • Sales people not having presentation and selling skills to be effective in virtual meetings
  • Managers & Leaders not having bandwidth to check-in with individuals
  • Managers & Leaders not having the skills and experience to respond to team members emotional reactions in a virtual environment
  • Elevated individual stress tendencies
  • People are reacting rather than responding
  • Salespeople are feeling lost, lacking confidence and/or resilience
  • Human Resources are fire-fighting and being all things to all people whilst working remotely
  • Managers & Leaders intentions are being misinterpreted because of how team members or others are seeing (perceiving) them.  When people are stressed, intentions and behaviours don’t align.
  • Employees may be misdirecting stress onto others in their household, who they perceive to be responsible for their tension.
  • + more

We have been helping businesses for over 14 years to optimise their employee’s behavioural style, strengths, social & emotional intelligence and flow of communication in the workplace.

Our Communication & Connection programs provide verbal and visual connection to help and support Leaders, Managers and their teams during these times.  Programs can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

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We can help navigate through communication, employee engagement and behavioural changes to enhance productivity, well-being and personal development.