DISC Accreditation, Workshops & Training

Building more effective personal and professional relationships

Become a DISC Practitioner or Facilitator
Are you looking for a mastery level understanding of DISC with the expertise and training to differentiate you from other HR Professionals, Coaches, Consultants and Trainers?

We are Master Certified Practitioners of DISC and here to help you become an expert with our internationally Accreditation training. With training explicitly designed to foster a deeper understanding of DISC assessments, you’ll discover how DISC assessments can be used to build more effective personal and professional relationships.

Blended Accreditation Training. On Your Schedule.
Gain accreditation at your pace with one of our Master Certified Practitioners. Accreditation programs are one-on-one, instructor-led sessions, and delivered in a blended learning format of online and face-to-face via Zoom. We also run customised group sessions.

We will provide you with support and access to instructional manuals, debrief guides, interpretation materials, videos, workshop materials, and other resources.

Looking for a different level of DISC knowledge?, contact us to find out more about our DISC Certification and DISC Refresher programs.

Workshops & Training
Applying our consultation, coaching, facilitation skills and workplace performance tools, we help people to negotiate changes they are experiencing or need to embrace for success.

Outcomes & Future Value of our Team Development Sessions

  • Greater understanding and tolerance amongst team members and cross-functional teams
  • Promotes an outward mindset to enhance relationship building and sales – happy customers!
  • Provides a personalised approach to managing others – developing and motivating people
  • Generates open communication
  • Creates a common language for teams to strategies opportunities and projects
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces conflict
  • Increases engagement levels

Our team development sessions are tailored to meet your specific workplace needs and objectives, whilst still focused on helping people to better understand their strengths, development areas, communication preferences, the impact they have on the day to day relationships, tasks and business outcomes.

Most importantly, we show people how they can apply what they learn, to work and in everyday life, to become more effective and aligned in what they do.


Below are a few of our most popular team development sessions

  • management-and-or-leadership-development

    Management and/or
    Leadership Development

  • self-awareness

    Self Awareness & Personal Development

  • team-awareness-communication-effectiveness

    Team Building - Communication & Team Effectiveness

  • how-to-be-get-more-value-out-your-interview

    Sales & Projects Training

  • how-to-attract

    Customer Service Training

  • our-candidate-shortlist

    Hiring, Selection & Onboarding Training

  • delving-deeper

    DISC Behaviours Refresher

  • management-of-your-preferred-agencies

    Sounding Board & Think Tanks

  • delving-deeper

    Team Playbooks & Debriefing

  • increase-engagement

    Conflict Resolution Training

  • delving-deeper-within-social-emotional-intelligence

    Mentoring & Coaching for Managers

We tailor and deliver team development sessions to suit your desired outcomes.