The most Economical, Versatile & Validated Assessment Tool on the market. 

Helping you to Identify, Evaluate, Develop and Retain the right people.

This easy to use assessment tool can be taken by any new or existing employee for a wide variety of applications.

It can be used in the very beginning when introducing potential candidates to your business (recruitment), identifying what makes your high performing employees tick (talent ID), or how to improve underperforming employees, coaching & developing, mapping teams, behaviour change, conflict dynamics, succession planning and more.

Making more sense of your hire!

Selecting and recruiting the best candidate is more effective, less time-consuming and without bias.

Dive deeper with HireSense BEFORE the interview process begins, get the details hiding below the surface.

Streamline candidate evaluation, firstly benchmark positions, identify the best candidate for the job, receive customised HR interview questions for shortlisted candidates. See how to choose a candidate or how to decide between 2 good candidates.

Recruitment tools & systems – wouldn’t it be great to know how each of your candidate’s think, feels, acts, what motivates them and how they make decisions before interviews begin?

A hiring process backed by science, not your gut
Our system deploys a combination of 3 statistically validated assessments to discover deeper insights about each of your candidates. Their values and beliefs, what drives them, what are their observable actions and how they make decisions.

We can build optimal candidate benchmarks for specific positions to help you with defining clearer job expectations, identifying potential performance risks, providing a baseline for comparison to determine relevancy, as candidates are evaluated for effective fit.

We make it easier for you
Receive alerts, highlighting which candidates you should invest your time in.

You can compare candidate scores to gain insight into important information like risks and relevancies, dive deeper before interviews, make unbiased selections, receive tailored candidate interview questions, and help find the best match to guide growth and progress in a role.

The interview questions provided are based on your candidates specific behaviours, motivators and critical thinking – decision making.

Contact us for a demo or to discuss the HireSense service options you can choose from to complement your in-house hiring and selection process.

For 15 years, we have been helping businesses to identify, evaluate and match people with positions.  Having seen, tested and applied a variety of different tools and methods over the years, this new approach just makes sense, which is why we wanted to share it with Australian businesses.