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Are you ready for your people to reach their true potential?

We can help you build and retain a better team by:

Experience Matters

We understand recruitment is about more than filling a role.

It’s about more than skills listed on a resume and cultural fit.

What you need is team members who will work in harmony with your business, to drive outcomes, challenge the status quo and stay the course.

We offer an alternative to the current recruitment model as we get to know your business at a deeper level, taking the time to understand your drivers and objectives, gaining a clear picture of the individuals who will complement your team and help you drive stronger outcomes.

Talent Identification with HireSense

Finding the right talent can be challenging and expensive, particularly when an individual doesn’t align with your business. This is the problem with the traditional recruitment industry. Too often resume checks and interviews miss key information.

HireSense will allow you to dive deeper before interviews, providing you with a thorough understanding of a candidate’s risk profile and relevancy for your role, removing any bias.

It allows you to gain a clearer insight into what makes your candidates tick, make unbiased selections and provides you with tailored interview questions based on each candidate assessed, helping you find the best match, with a guide to growth and progress in a role. 

HireSense is also a valuable tool for identifying and growing star performers, turning moderate performers into high performers, on-boarding new employees, coaching, and developing employees, mapping teams and succession planning.

After decades managing and growing teams, we believe HireSense is the best value, most versatile and validated insights tool on the market.

Recruitment Solutions

We are here to support you with recruitment, whether you’d like an extra set of hands to assist with your internal process, or if you’d like to outsource the whole recruitment process to us.

Flexible and Bespoke Solutions

We make it our business to understand yours. Whether that means using our tools and resources to compliment your in-house recruitment process or partnering with us to project manage your desired recruitment outcome.

Unrivalled Experience and Resources

With over 20 years of recruitment experience we do far more than simply identify the right person for your business; we blend the very best in service with expertise in interpreting workplace insights and assessment tools.

Expert Problem-Solvers

No recruitment job is too big, small or complex. We thrive on problem-solving and hit the ground running when the pressure is on.

Employee Learning & Development

Help your people better understand their potential, blind spots, communication preferences, and their impact on day-to-day relationships, tasks and business outcomes, while delivering workplace needs in line with your business objectives, via targeted workshops and coaching sessions.

A few of our most popular sessions are

In addition to learning new skills, we teach your team how they can apply what they learn at work and in everyday life, bringing about alignment and balance.

Are you thinking of running a team workshop or looking for some Learning & Development inspiration?

DISC Training

Whether you are new to the world of DISC or would like to refresh your skills, we run a range of courses to suit a wide variety of interest levels, delivered in one-on-one, group session or online self-paced options.

Our international DISC Accreditation training course is designed to foster a deeper understanding of DISC. It will give you the tools and confidence on all aspects of DISC to conduct your own assessments. You’ll also discover how DISC assessments can be used to build more effective personal and professional relationships.  

Certification and Refresher courses available.

Why choose us for your DISC training? 

We are Master Certified Practitioners and leverage the power of DISC with companies every day in a broad range of real-life applications (we don’t just teach – we do!). 

We have a great range of DISC resources for you to tap into and our DISC assessments are at the cutting edge globally:

Get in touch with a Master Certified Practitioner to discuss which level of DISC training works best for you.

Workplace Learning & Development Tools

Our learning and development tools will provide you with both a helicopter view and detailed data, allowing you to develop your staff’s potential and make business decisions based on fact, not guesswork.  You will be provided with direct access to the information you need to make fast and smart decisions to drive real change.

We offer over 25 tools to choose from for Individual Development, Team Development, Leadership Development, Behaviour Change, Conflict Dynamics, Performance, Recruitment / Talent Identification and much more.

Are there aspects of your business you’d like more of, or to do better or differently?

We’re happy to provide sample reports and give you a tour of the platform.

Workplace Learning & Development Platform

To view a snapshot of our most popular assessment tools and their applications, click the button below.