Who We Are

Cross Check began in 2006 as a recruitment firm, when we noticed a piece of the puzzle was missing as our clients hired new people.

This missing piece was affecting our client’s business development at its core.

We realised, not only did our clients need to identify the skills and experience required for a role, more importantly, they also needed to understand more about the person they wanted to hire, such as behavioural style, how they might act in the role day-to-day – beyond the initial interview.

Why it works

Cross Check’s driving philosophy is if you can understand the why behind a person’s actions, you can more effectively predict the how.

After working together for nearly 20 years, and covering all four DISC behavioural styles between us, we complement and balance each other.

We draw on our own individual life experiences and awareness of business diversity to advise on processes and systems, and when taking people’s varied emotional drivers and decision-making styles into account.

Fearlessly leading the way in the growth journeys of both employers and their employees, we embrace ongoing learning to build credentials and expertise.

We are focused on delivering the right solutions that are fit for purpose with a passion for delivering people-based solutions, with a framework and insights to promote awareness, increase tolerance, engagement and performance quality within an organisation.

For businesses, this means greater clarity around hiring decisions by understanding how to achieve a better fit for their organisation, and the tools and steps needed to continue to evolve with their people.

When we’re not working, you’ll find Gillian (Gill) dragon boating, gardening or on the field playing walking soccer.

You’ll find Katrina (Kat) at Reformer Pilates, or on a camping adventure.

You may even find us together enjoying good food, a laugh, people watching (it’s a sport for us) and a celebratory glass of wine!

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