Resilience is what empowers us to bounce back quickly

There has been quite a bit talk around the topic of resilience lately and understandably, given the events experienced in both our personal and business environments this year.

So, why is resilience important? It is what give us our ‘bounce’ that sense of energy and focus. It is also what empowers us to quickly bounce back from setbacks, challenges, and disappointments.

The good news is that resilience is a learnable skill and part of building resilience involves improving one’s emotional intelligence. When we can manage the intensity of our emotions, we can also become more resilient.

Here are the 5 components to building emotional intelligence

  • An understanding of yourself – your strengths, emotional trigger points and recognising feelings while they are happening
  • A desire to understand and know others
  • The ability to empathise
  • The motivation to persist and overcome challenges
  • The ability to regulate and manage your own emotions

If you are looking for a good framework to help guide you, your business leaders and/or their teams towards becoming more emotional intelligent and resilient, contact us at we’re here to help and sound out ideas.