Resilience is what empowers us to bounce back quickly

There has been quite a bit talk around the topic of resilience lately and understandably, given the events experienced in both our personal and business environments this year. So, why is resilience important? It is what give us our ‘bounce’ that sense of energy and focus. It is also what empowers us to quickly bounce […]

Workplace Miscommunication: “You Offended Me!”

Using DISC assessments to settle or pre-empt workplace miscommunication can go a long way. However, there are some general communication dos and dont’s that it helps to keep in mind. Leadership expert and business coach, Tammy Holyfield covers her top FIVE recommendations for avoiding workplace miscommunication in this week’s Platinum Rules for Success story! Workplace […]

How to Grow Star Performers

At some point, every leader has thought to themselves, “I wish I could clone my star performers so all my workers were as good as he/she is.” What if there was a method to get you closer to that wish? That wish might feel more like a magic trick! However this week’s author and American […]

Leave a Lasting Impression in Customer Service

Leaving a lasting impression might be one of the easiest and most important ways to ensure customer loyalty. This week’s story discusses the how and the why behind the concept and what a difference it can make for your company. The effort is minimal and the benefits are great. As you will learn in this […]

Reduce Bias and Discrimination Using Assessments

When we hear “bias” and “discrimination,” most of us associate those as words with negative connotation – unjust, prejudice, unfair, and unreasoned. However, by definition, bias can be either good or bad and discrimination is simply a kind of discernment. It is the act of how these are applied that determines their positive or negative […]